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In many ways, this pandemic has people reevaluating their priorities, but one thing hasn’t changed — we want to stay young for as long as we can! In fact, with many of us feeling like we lost a year, this is more important than ever. So, what do we do? We eat better, stay active, get more sleep, and try not to stress out too much. All great things, but our skin could always use a little more love. Let me introduce you to Forever Bloom, an eco-friendly, doesn’t test on animals, a beauty company that is diving into the idea of cellular regrowth to help keep our skin young! Why treat a symptom when you can attack the cause!? Please read further to learn more about this amazing company and how Jejune is partnering with them on a giveaway and discounts!

Where are you based?
Our HQ is in Southern California, Newport Beach; Bloom’s team however also lives across US; Florida, New York, and New Jersey :)

Forever Bloom is a beautiful name. Can you tell us a little bit about its origin?
Our chief scientist Dr. Nowrouzi has always had a fascination with flowers and their intricate patterns. In addition, an even stronger fascination with a flower’s ability to regenerate itself every season year in and year out by just receiving proper nutrition. It became the founder’s belief that with proper nutrition and supply of nutrients to the skin we could create a similar effect in cell rejuvenation and Cellular reconstruction. Another reason for the name ‘forever bloom’, is because cells are forever blooming and regenerating themselves. Within ourselves alone is the ability to re-create new cells. We do this every day! If we figure out how new cells can forever be re-created in youthful shape and form, then we have the cure to aging skin. 

What inspired the creation of Forever Bloom?
Dr. Nowrouzi in his research observed a blooming pattern to Cellular regrowth, it was then he felt the same principles can apply in creating healthy Cellular growth. This research and observation lead to both the name of forever bloom and its biotechnology. 

30 is the new 20, 40 is the new 30, etc. We are a population obsessed with staying young. Can you tell us a little bit about how Forever Bloom tackles age?
We are not limited, our products to certain age groups for example some of our products like vitamin C bloom cream and biomimic foundation are ageless - people from 18 to 50 can use it but of course, then we also have some products that are functional and are for a certain age (for example our nourishing night glow or amino-peptide are more created for the older generation).

You say: “The cure to the skin aging process is not medically based but chemistry based. Our focus on peptide bio-mimic research, along with an obsession for geometrical and natural floral patterns has provided the rudimentary base for study.” Can you please put this in layman’s terms on how your products work?
Most of the current practices in the medical industry are based on the treatment of the symptoms, not the route that causes that symptom. As a result of that, we never touch the problems. The problem is always existing and we are just masking them (there is a Bio-chemical reaction underneath every single symptom that is very difficult to identify). For example, every seven years (or 10, depending on which story you hear) we become essentially new people because in that time, every cell in your body has been replaced by a new cell. In other words, old cells mostly die and are replaced by new ones during this time span. The cell renewal process happens more quickly in certain parts of the body, but head-to-toe rejuvenation can take up to a decade or so.  Our internal organs may still age at a regular pace but at least when we die we will look like we are in our early 30s lol! De-aging is our focus and not anti-aging. Hence, we will one day have de-aging programs to pause and even reverse this process of aging one day. 

The cell renewal process is nothing more than numbers of biochemical reactions and if we help this process, the results would be always healthy young-looking cells and individuals. That is why we believe the solution is a biochemical pathway and it is based on chemistry.

Can you tell us a little bit about the ‘Flower of Life’?
The flower of life is an ancient symbol that was found carved with laser precision in places all over the world with ancient monoliths. The symbol embodies the geometrical pattern of everything in existence in physical reality. Its origins were unknown and pre-date to over 6000 years ago. In addition, Leonardo da Vinci was known to have studied the Flower of Life pattern and derived the five platonic solids, as well as the Golden Ratio of Phi, from the symbol. It is our believe the cure to aging can be found in a symbiotic relationship between natural harmony and scientific research. This symbol embodies both. 

Can you tell us a little bit about some of your products? Let’s start with your Bloom Cream. Is this no ordinary lotion?
No, it is not an ordinary lotion. The main ingredient in the product is vitamin C and it’s the most stable form of vitamin C.  It absorbs very quickly to the skin without heaviness or masking and allowing the skin to breathe. 

Jejune has been using your Nourishing Night Glow for the past few nights, and our skin does look and feel perkier. How do you achieve this lifting botox effect?
As you know lifting is done through Botox or fillers both of the systems as their own drawbacks and advantages. Botox works by shutting off the facial nervous system at inject area, whereas fillers work with increasing the localized volume to the injected area by absorbing water, basically, both of the systems are cheating on the biological system of the skin. There is a third option that’s better and we are following that.  Just feeding enough information for the biological system that our skin will start generating enough collagen inside in a natural way which will increase the volume in that particular area, that’s why they call it 'mimicking peptide'. The Nourishing Night Glow is A MUST for every woman who wants to avoid non-invasive and invasive skin treatments. 

For all of us who want to stay young, what products and routine would you suggest?
It’s very difficult to summarize every product for all categories of skin types. However, the excepted version of the routine for everyone is as follows: cleanse, moisturize treatment, and maintenance and it’s very different for every individual. Follow these steps religiously and be patient and allow 4-6 weeks to see results.

We love how your eye makeup remover does more than just remove makeup, but it also heals the skin. Can you tell us a little bit more about your Dual Action Eye Makeup Remover?
As you know the skin around your eyes is thinner and more delicate than the skin on other parts of your body. And because your eyes work a lot throughout the day, from blinking to expressing your emotions, preventing toxin entrance to eyes plasma, this can cause premature aging. Our eye skin is also very sensitive, dealing with both oily and non-oily toxins. So, the dual-action makeup remover has been designed to address all these issues at once it has a moisturizing effect, it helps washing or cleaning the oily toxins, it also helps cleaning non-oily or water-soluble toxins, it has a pH close to the natural tears so it doesn’t cause any irritation and it has a healing effect.

Your foundations are like magic. They go on white like a lotion but then adjust to the person’s skin tone. You call this biomimic technology. Can you tell us a little bit about how this works?
The bio mimic foundation has multiple technologies in it and some of these technologies cannot coexist together individually basically they’re not stable so what do you have in that particular formula and every individual molecule which carries the pigment or the color it’s shielded. it’s protected as nano-capsulated and it will be staying stable safe for a long period of time and it will be released once the user applies it to the skin surface. We invented the name biomimic because our foundations are a first of a kind in the world that actually mimics your skin tone. In addition, the products De-age your skin, are anti-aging, waterproof and SPF 50, all in one. The most important part about biomimic is it does not cause breakouts and it helps to heal after micro-needling or facials, this is also one of the reasons why it’s becoming a very popular product to purchase in medical spas. 

We see that your foundations come in three different shades, is there a range of tones each of these can adjust to? 
Yes, it does and the difference between every single one of them is the amount of pigment that is used in every single formula. As you know the difference between the skin tone is just the amount of melanin that every single skin tone has so as a result of that our system has been designed to cover for lighter skin than medium-range and all the way to dark and currently, we are working on our extra dark version of it.

Very importantly Forever Bloom does not test on animals. You even go as far as to say: “No testing on animals, only celebrities.” Can you tell us a little bit about why this is important to you?
We don’t believe in testing on animals for two most obvious reasons; ONE; leave poor animals alone!!! And TWO; because the skin structure on animals is different (really hard to compare with human beings) and also, we are not using any toxic chemicals in our products that require to validate if it has a certain toxicity level on animals so we prefer the product that we make to be tested on the actual cells and humans; we also don't sell our products on the market that would require testing on animals. Animal testing needs to stop for good. Please. It’s 2021, we can do better than this!! 

You also proudly note that you embrace sustainable principles. Can you please tell us a little bit more about this?
We truly believe that everyone has to play their own part to create a sustainable system for not only ourselves but for future generations as well. what we do in forever bloom, we try to minimize any material that has a harmful effect on the environment or try to use the ingredients that are biodegradable. we’re still continuously working on our packaging in any way that we can to improve and minimize the waste to the environment.

Clean ingredients are super important these days. How does Forever Bloom decide what to put into their products to keep them simple and healthy for their clients?
We have a simple philosophy - if an ingredient doesn’t do anything just don’t use it and for every ingredient included in our product, it has functionality and it does something to the skin. However, to make sure that this ingredient has the highest quality, we have quality control in place that we monitor from manufacturing of every single ingredient all the way to the finished product and we monitor this rigorously. That’s why we can have a consistent product quality.

The pandemic has been hard for many small businesses. How have you been impacted?
Our technology has only recently been launched; the pandemic has put a hold on most buyers from taking on any new products. It’s been a slow year for retail. Therefore, our in-store launches have been delayed until at least 2022. The result has been a complete shift to more of an online-based e-commerce company.

How are you staying positive during shelter in place?
We love our country and we believe in it. Having faith in a brighter future helps us climb out and recover from challenges, as it always has. This belief in our ability to recover as a nation enables us to continue to stay positive. In addition, the Internet provides new opportunities for a company like ours to make it in the marketplace. Social media is a very powerful tool. 

What is your motto in life?
To achieve something you have never had, you must do something you never did.

Where can we find Forever Bloom?
You can find us at, Amazon, Costco, medical clinics and spas, etc.
Instagram: @ForeverbloomSkinCare

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