The cure to the aging process of skin is not medically based; it will be chemistry based. Years of biotechnology, chemical biology and scientific research lead by Forever Bloom’s expert scientific team has established Forever Bloom as one of California's leading technology companies focused on peptide bio-mimic research.

Our obsession with geometrical patterns and natural floral patterns has not only provided a rudimentary base for study but also inspires a further deep understanding to the building blocks of cells, chemical process and how they interact to influence the human aging process.

Our research team is in pursuit of technology that enables long-term cellular growth with limited cellular decomposition. Essentially allowing molecular cells to “Forever Bloom.” This passion has lead to the formation of Forever Bloom's owns research labs  called Bloom Research Innovation and technology Inc. (BRITE).

BRITE has now successfully launched Forever Bloom as its first line of market ready products based exclusively on research and technology to de-age skin .

Our mission is to provide non-toxic formulas that cure the signs of aging and to offer safer alternatives that are more effective as well as supported by actual scientific research. Consumers are given correct information to make safe and healthy product choices for their daily skincare routine.

We use the best, safest and most effective product ingredients on the market, supported by the latest research in chemical and molecular sciences.

There are no toxic exposures present in any of our products.