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MITH sat down with Forever Bloom to learn about some of their top products, including their Vitamin C Bloom Cream, Biomimic Foundations, Dual Action Eye Makeup Remover and more. Forever Bloom products mimic your skin tone through auto-adjusting, color-correcting properties that have many healthy skin benefits. Forever Bloom doesn’t test on animals (vegan and cruelty free). Here is what MITH Learned about this exciting new product line:

Forever Bloom:

Our Vitamin C Cream has the most stable form of Vitamin C active ingredient and it has a very high absorbance rate. Vitamin C is very unstable, has a very low shelf life and surface life. In the aqua environment, it oxidizes very fast, so you want it to get to the dermis layer of skin as fast as possible to be effective.

Our Biomimic Foundation has nano-encapsulated colors or pigments that slowly release to match the skin color or surfaces that they adsorb on. The skin surface morphology determines the orientation of the molecules.

This is because the skin surface is not flat or homogeneous. It is more like hills or earth from above, some green (new cell), some desert (dead cells) and each area has different moisture level, texture, pigments and tones. These formulas are designed to address all those negative impacts that the skin surface has while allowing skin to function normally.

The reason we call our foundation Biomimic, is because it mimics color from biological surface (skin).

Besides our C Cream and Biomimic Foundations, here are three more of our products:

Hydrating Aqua Marine:

It is an algae-based, none-foaming formula with moisturizing effect. The formula is designed to do all the necessary steps for cleansing the skin without changing the skin pH. 

If you have used soap or foaming cleanser, you would have noticed your skin becomes really tight upto 20 min after. That means that product has changed your skin pH to a very higher level. 

Our product does not do that.

Eye-Makeup Remover:

The eye area is the most sensitive area. The skin is the thinnest of all skin types in the body, anything absorbs it has a cumulative effect on the eyes, too. The eyes Require something extremely gentle that can remove both oily and non-oily makeups or minerals. The eye naturally cleanses itself with tears, so we formulated this product to a pH of close to tears and with cucumber extracts for a calming and relaxing effect.

Amino Peptide:

The main function of skin is to prevent anything from going inside the body. Peptide is a part of proteins, which are large molecules that cannot penetrate the skin, like collagen. However, our amino peptide is a building block of collagen and small enough to penetrate the skin, that’s why it absorbs fast. Once inside the skin, it triggers the signal to the brain, and the brain thinks that the collagen has been broken at some part of the skin and needs to fix it or make more collagen. In other words, it is cheating on the brain with something we call it “cell signaling” in science.

Let’s BLOOM! 


Photography: Revolve Photography
Forever Bloom Instagram: @foreverbloomskincare
Article by Holly Glasser, EIC of MITH Magazine
Information courtesy of BRITE — Bloom Research Innovation Technology Center

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